Proof that you don’t need algorithm informed ads to create something with impact, these simple lines do the job of selling you the infinite catalogue of songs on Spotify by contextually placing you in the times of each year represented.

Wow, that was a long opener. Ironic, considering the sparse lines. Less is more, I suppose.

Anyway, I’m not sure where these ran, but I pulled them down from a LinkedIn post and this was as good of image quality as I could find.

I pulled this down from LinkedIn a while back (apologies, but I forget the source).

On the surface, it’s just a boring B2B direct mail letter sent to a bunch of potential clients. But, at a quick glance, you can see it’s much more than that.

It’s a real nice, and succinct way to separate all the different content brands under the Disney umbrella—each one getting it’s own clever descriptor.

Not bad for one of the biggest companies in the world, famously known for having a pretty safe tone of voice. It’s worth appreciating.

Seeing as how I’m just a dumb yankee, I genuinely have no idea what kind of newspaper The Sun is over there across the pond. I’ve definitely heard of it and my gut says they lean more tabloid-style than anything, but don’t know.

At least, that’s the ankling I get from this bold, but self-depricating copy campaign from years ago. You get a sense that you’re getting something fun, more than something that’ll totally inform you on the goings ons of society.

I suppose I could do some Googling and figure it out, but it seems that’d defy the spirt of these. Reading these headlines was enough work. Good work. But, enough work.

Weed jokes have a low ceiling. I get it. But, this campaign does a pretty good job of being humorous while not being obvious enough to send one’s eyes rolling to the back of their head.

There were some others I’m missing in here (one of which I like best), but not all of them are easy to find…unless someone knows an easy place to find them.

I don’t know if this is a real ad created by an ad agency for the client or something a student came up with and posted online that then got widely circulated. Either way, it’s brilliant. And it’s four words total (six, if you count the brand name).

That kind of efficiency? You dream of it. Only make sense that there’s some German in there. (I love you Deutschland).

What better way to communicate speed than to change languages mid-prhase? If I could I would give this the chef’s kiss. But, my computer screen should be cleaned and, besides, I don’t really ever want to touch it with my mouth.

Ok, that’s enough from me.

Charitable work tends to be a good place to write a great line. I like how this addresses a vague notion with a very specific example. And, no I do not recommend trying this at home.

Instead, why don’t you donate a little. Here’s a start:

(I swear this post wasn’t intended to be an ad, but I just picked a lane and rolled with it. Also, donating is good. Also also, this is a good line.)

As someone on LinkedIn pointed out…somebody at the MTA is full of sass.

And, I’m here for it.

It’s a bit simple, but I give it points for being blunt. Brands are afraid of being blunt. But, it gets the point across. For me, it’s a win. And, it get’s a laugh.

I can’t quite remember where I snagged this, so I don’t know whose shoes those are, but what I do know is that headlines stopped me in my tracks.

“What does it mean????” I remember thinking the first time I saw it, which was of course quickly followed by an: “Ohhhhhhhhh.”

A love story in two verbalized thoughts, pretty much.

This is a pretty simple play for Reddit to encourage users to their platform, but also to encourage them to vote.

Hey, you’re already voting on dumb things like a banana (sorry fruit), why not vote on dumb politicians too? Or, at least, politicians who are still dumb but less dumb than the dumber ones.

Hailing out of R/GA, these picked up some hardware a while back. Enjoy. And vote. Always vote.

I have to imagine that the creative opportunities behind recruitment ads are endless (I’ve never worked on any). Still, the bar is high and the task of enticing people toward a seemingly unappealing job is a hard one.

I caught these online somewhere the other day and then found out they won a One Show Pencil a few years back. They’re a nice, tongue-in-cheek way to call for school bus drivers. Hey, I’m a parent…I’d take some money for brining my kid to school.

Nice job to the team somewhere out there in Canada. It’s a big country and I’m not sure where it came from. I’m just a dumb American, so I can’t be expected to navigate the map of a place so confusing that they offer free healthcare.

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